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International Veteran Volleyball Tournament 2019 21.11.2018

International Veteran Volleyball Tournament 2019 will be held for the third time in the Czech Republic in the city of Ostrava from 20.6. to 23.6. 2019. The tournament is under the auspices of Czech Volleyball Federation and Middle European Volleyball Zonal Association, and is organized by IVVA – International Veteran Volleyball Association. Players have the opportunity to create their own volleyball teams and participate in various different age categories:
men - (40-47, 48-55, 56+),
women - (35-45, 46+).

“Age is no handicap” is the fundamental idea of the tournament. The main objective is to unite the volleyball veterans from all over the world by organizing one big tournament allowing them to continue measure their skills on international level.

The registrations mostly come from Poland, Norway, Macedonia, Mongolia, Russia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungaria, Slovenia and Croatia.

Registration these days come from almost all around the world. The greatest joy, however, we had in the interest of woman teams from Brazil.

Players can also look forward to professional attitude from both referees and the organization of the tournament, which will be overseen by the vice president of International Veteran Volleyball Association (IVVA) Mr. Premysl Kubala.

The registration fee includes:
- guarantee of 5 games played,
- registration bag (IVVA T-shirt, buletin, small gifts, discount coupons, etc…),
- unlimited amount of drinking water during games throughout the tournament,
- refreshment in the form of fresh fruit and snacks for each team (Friday and Saturday),
- closing Ceremony with awarding (prices, diplomas, medals, cups),
- social party with food and welcome drink for each player.

The registration fee is 60€/person.
A team can have a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 14 members.
Registration will be accepted until May 31, 2017.

Dont miss the opportunity to register: www.ivva.eu
For more information contact our team at: info@ivva.eu


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